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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question - Where can I find more places to learn or practice my salsa?

Answer - We have Socials at our studio in Tampa. 

Its a NON intimidating environment and gives you an opportunity to practice

what you have learned in class during the week. Salsa, Bachata, Merenge, Cha Cha

& more is played from approximately 9pm to 2am or Visit for a list of clubs,

events and schools in which you can attend in order to practice and/or improve

your dancing.




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Question:  Do I need to bring my own partner for class?

Answer:  No.  If you don't have a partner we will provide you with someone to dance

             with in class. 

Question: What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer:  Cash,Check or Credit Card payments ($2 FEE DOES APPLY FOR ALL CC PAYMENTS)

Question: Can I just walk in to any class or must I pre register online before I can take

a class?

Answer:  Yes if you are taking Salsa on 1 with Maria Puerto Rican Style.

EVERY other class allows WALK INS.


Question: How do I dress to my class?


For Salsa & Bachata classes, Casual NO shoes with rubber soles 

For Zumba: Workout clothes


Question: Can I bring my children to class with me?

Answer:  Yes, as long as they can sit for the length of your class without disturbing


Question: Can I bring my children to the weekly socials?

Answer:  Yes


Question: What style of Salsa do you teach?

Answer: Puerto Rican street style on 1 


Question: Can I pay as I go?


For Zumba  YES

For Salsa & Bachata: No, classes are structured and progressive so paying for the full

course up front is required.



What happens if I miss a class during the 6 weeks?

Answer: If it's available for you to make that class on another day then you can

do that for no extra cost. DMSA also allows you to repeat a course

that you have already paid for at no cost. This only applies to Salsa

class with Maria.



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